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What's Inside the Left Brain Intuition Community?

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✅ Subconscious Information
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✅ 4 Ways You Are Secretly Intuitive

Who We Are

Find CLARITY by turning your vague gut feelings into quick intuitive decision you can trust, even in the absence of hard facts.

The Left Brain Intuition Community is dedicated to logical women who want to build a SOUL BASED life that is ALIGNED with who you really are.

It's sooooo easy to get lost in a world that is trying to tell you who you "should" be...

Your intuition LIGHTS THE WAY to the BEST version of yourself.
A life where you feel
... Loved
... Fulfilled by your Career
... Financially Free

What is YOUR dream?
Your intuition is calling. Don't let it go to voicemail!

Meet Elise | The Left Brain Intuitive

I'm Elise, your host on The Left Brain Intuition Community and here's my story.

In my late 30's, I was a hot mess 🤦‍♀️

I was divorced (without alimony or child support) and the retirement calculator from Bank of America told me I would have to work until I was 68 😱 😭

So I decided to put ALL MY CHIPS on my intuition and made some of  financial decisions based 💯 on intuitive insights.

This is what happened:

✅  I was debt free by 43
✅ I retired at 47
✅  I became financially free at 49 💃

I want other women who feel lost, confused or powerless in their own lives to take that first step, to say YES to their own intuition.

I talk about intuition EVERY DAY
because I was silent about it for so long

I am infinitely grateful that you are here so we can be intuitive together ❤️