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Who We Are

Do You Need An Intuitive Friend? The Left Brain Intuition Community is dedicated to LOGICAL women who want to build a life that is ALIGNED with who they really are.

It's sooooo easy to get lost in a world that is trying to tell you who you "should" be...

Your intuition LIGHTS THE WAY to the BEST version of yourself.

A life where you feel
... Loved
... Fulfilled by your Career
... Financially Free

What is YOUR dream?

Your intuition is calling..
Don't let it go to voicemail!

- Elise | The Left Brain Intuitive

The $1,000,000 Question


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🚫 Weird
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✅ Subconscious Information
✅ Clarity + Opportunity + Express Lane
✅ 4 Ways You Are Secretly Intuitive

Meet Elise | The Left Brain Intuitive

I'm Elise, your host on The Left Brain Intuition Community and here's my story.

WARNING:  If an AI algorithm tried to make sense of my life, it would implode 🤯

In my late 30's, I was a hot mess 🤦‍♀️

I was divorced (without alimony or child support) and the retirement calculator from Bank of America told me I would have to work until I was 68 😱 😭

So I decided to put ALL MY CHIPS on my intuition and made some of  financial decisions based 💯 on intuitive insights.

This is what happened:

✅  I was debt free by 43
✅ I retired at 47
✅  I became financially free at 49 💃

But... during all this time, I led a secret double life 🤫

By Day, I was a single-mom-software-engineer.

By Night, I was a Professional Intuitive, giving intuitive readings to complete STRANGERS. 🤯

When I retired from engineering, it was finally time break my SILENCE and post a surprising update on LinkedIn about my new career as an Intuition Coach.

I talk about intuition EVERY DAY
because I was silent about it for so long

I want other women who feel lost, confused or powerless in their own lives to take that first step, to say YES to their own intuition.

I am infinitely grateful that you are here so we can be intuitive together ❤️